Instagram for real estate agents

How to Use Instagram for Real Estate

Instagram has quickly become the hottest social media platform, and if you’re not leveraging it as an agent, you’re missing out on an important part of your marketing strategy.

The thing is that an Instagram strategy is, well, different. You can’t apply the same methods you do for Facebook and LinkedIn and expect the same rewards. That makes it a tad intimidating. 

This is a good thing.

In a visually fueled industry like real estate, you can use this to your advantage to build a solid following, master your social media strategy and profit from all your hard work.

The Complete Guide to Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Why Should Real Estate Agents Use Instagram?

Did you know that 47% of real estate agents note that social media results in the highest quality leads versus other sources?

The fact of the matter is, with billions of monthly users, there are endless opportunities for you to utilize Instagram to your advantage.

Real estate is a visual and personable business, which makes Instagram the perfect platform for building connections and tapping into a bigger client base.

Here are a couple more ways agents can benefit from it.

It’s free marketing

No complicated ad campaigns necessary. The only investment you have to make is a little bit of time and energy.

Everyone’s on it

With everyone and their mother on Instagram, you can guarantee your posts are going to garner attention one way or another!

It’s highly visual & the perfect place to show off your listings

When it comes to social, there’s no better platform for agents to show off their listings than Instagram. Dreamy home interiors, video walkthroughs and buyer/seller tips are always welcome!

It’s a goldmine for engagement

Instagram makes it easy to stay connected with your sphere through features like commenting and liking. Plus, thanks to its algorithm, the more you engage also means the more likely your content will be viewed and interacted with by others.

It offers more opportunities for connections

Instagram is all about being friendly and fun. Making sure you include personal posts are just as important as your business ones because it helps your followers connect with you on a deeper level.

5 Tips for Winning on Instagram

1. Always Deliver Value

Ever hear of an influencer? Instagram has created its own universe of trailblazers, and if you use it the right way, you could become one too. Sharing your KCM content is not only great for educating your followers but also establishing yourself as a real estate “thought leader.”

Being a local expert also ties in with that. To do this, we recommend posting pictures of landmarks and favorite spots around town or creating videos that highlight local businesses you love. Check out more ideas for real estate instagram posts and plan out your content calendar

real estate news instagram post ideas

2. Engage Your Community

This is where the hard work comes in. Whether you have five followers or 5,000, engagement is key to keeping the ones you have plus gaining more.

What does “engagement” mean?

  • Respond to all comments and messages
  • Initiate conversations by asking questions
  • Use features like polls, quizzes and countdowns on stories
  • Highlight your clients and community

This is a great way to make the most of those spare 5 minutes here and there. It will pay off!

How to increase Instagram engagement for real estate agents

3. Hashtag Like a Pro

Instagram has done an incredible job of opening up the world to every user. When we say this, we mean that what you see, or who sees you, is no longer restricted to just your “friends.”

A great way to make sure your posts get in front of new eyes is by using real estate hashtags. The limit per post is 30 but if that’s too ambitious, we suggest at least 10-15 for each post. Although #realestate may seem like an obvious choice, we recommend throwing in some location-specific ones too (like #sandiegorealestate) since that’s your target community.

Then, people who follow or visit that hashtag will see your post. It’s a win-win.

Hashtags for real estate agents Instagram

4. Stories, Stories, Stories

Stories was the feature that helped set Instagram apart. It’s also a feature that could set you apart from your competition.

Whether you’re sharing your KCM content, highlighting a new property or celebrating a client’s home purchase, stories add tremendous value to your Instagram strategy. They’re also more likely to be seen or engaged with by your followers.

Even if you don’t post on your feed every day, you should be posting on your stories. We have a great list of Instagram story ideas for realtors for you to check out.

And remember, it’s not all about business. Don’t be afraid to share funny videos of your kids, pets (dogs & cats rule IG), vacations, hobbies, etc. Let your personality shine!

Instagram story ideas for real estate agents

5. Follow @KeepingCurrentMatters

The KCM Instagram strategy is equal parts real estate news, agents tips and tools.

You can check out our stories to get snapshots of what’s happening in the market plus great examples of how our members are using real estate content to engage their followers on Instagram.

Sometimes the question is less about how and more about what. With KCM, we give you great content to share, and all you have to do is share it.

Follow us and see how other top agents are winning with this platform to get inspiration for your next post!

Bottom Line

Strategy for Instagram differs from any of the other social media platforms. However, don’t let that intimidate you from using it. It can be a great tool for growing your client-base and establishing yourself as a thought leader.

With millennials making up the majority of the new homebuyer market, you could be missing out on important opportunities to gain new clients, expand your business and grow your business.

Want more tips on how to win your Instagram strategy? Grab the FREE Complete Guide to Social Media for Real Estate Agents today!

In this free eGuide, we walk through all the in’s and out’s of building a successful social media strategy like:

  • The best social media platforms for agents
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With a little patience, time and effort, you’ll be an Instagram pro in no time.