video every real estate needs to make this april

The Video Every Agent Needs to Make This April

Mortgage rates holding your clients back from selling?

We have a script for that!

Because while many homeowners may be hesitant to let go of that low rate they got locked into, there are still many good reasons now may be a good time to sell.

This is the perfect video you can create this month to make sure any current or potential clients get that message-and possibly go from sitting on the sidelines to rethinking their plans to sell.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of ifs, ands, and buts driven by consumer confusion going on right now, and it’s impact on the housing market is being felt.

So, one of the most important things you can do be doing for your business this month is to make sure your friends, family, community and clients know you have your finger on the pulse. Most importantly, you need to be doing everything you can to cut through the noise, be the expert and deliver the latest and most relevant insights.

Video, when done well, is one of the most impactful things you can be doing for your business right now. Plus, we have a way you can create weekly video content in just minutes. 

 RealTalk by KCM™, the first all-in-one video creator for real estate agents that lets you make videos in minutes. 

With pre-written scripts (like one covering this very topic) as well as a built-in teleprompter, it’s the quickest and easiest way to create videos for your marketing.

There’s NO hassle, NO complicated tech, NO expensive equipment, and best of all… NO editing required! Try RealTalk today.