Steve Harney NAR Presentation 2009

Dear KCM Community, Many of you have been calling for Steve Harney’s leadership presentation from the 2009 NAR Convention. Unfortunately, NAR holds the rights to all audio distribution from the conference; but luckily (and because he authors this blog) Steve has been gracious enough to share the visuals! So without any further ado, we bring […]

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Families Fall Behind on their Mortgage. What’s next?

In our last post, we discussed the possible impact distressed properties might have on the values of homes in the surrounding area. We documented how the current economy has devastated the finances of so many families in every income bracket and in almost every neighborhood in this country. In order to bring some insight to the […]


How will the value of YOUR home be impacted by the current economy?

Our current economic difficulties have wreaked havoc on millions of households across this country. We all have either heard or read about families losing their homes to foreclosure. Obviously, that is a critical challenge at this time in history. However, I am not sure we realize that these tales of heartache not only effect the home that […]

You Spoke… We Listened

Many of you asked us to make certain improvements to the blog… so we listened. As you navigate the site, you’ll see that there have been a number of changes, but here are the top three YOU called for.  (We hope we made you proud.) The KCM CrewWe believe every family should feel confident when buying […]

How Sharp is Your Ax?

There were two lumberjacks that worked together up in the Pacific Northwest. One was the perfect stereotype of a lumberjack – big, burly and strong as an ox. The other was a rather small, almost frail man. Friday was their payday. This particular Friday, the larger man bet his paycheck against the smaller man’s paycheck […]

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone enjoys a safe and joyous holiday. My friend Mike Staver is a great speaker and business coach. He recently shared a point that I believe applies to this time of the year. “If you were sitting with 10 other people and everyone threw their problems on the table, there would be a good […]

Pricing – what actually is happening?

Today’s Talking Point 11/25/09 The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) just came out with their 3rd Quarter Pricing Report (which covers the previous four quarters). If you go to the bottom of the home page, they have an interactive map where you can see how prices have changed in your state over the last year. […]

Existing Sales Skyrocket 10.1% !!

Today’s Talking Point 11/24/2009 NAR released their Existing Sales Report yesterday. The key points: Sales Existing-home sales – including single-family, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops – surged 10.1 percent over last month’s numbers and is 23.5 percent above the level in October 2008. Inventory Total housing inventory at the end of October fell 3.7 percent to […]

Delinquencies Rise, Casting Cloud Over Recovery

Today’s Talking Point 11/23/09 Fear of Double Dip in Housing – Home Starts Tumble and Mortgage Delinquencies Rise, Casting Cloud Over Recovery That was the front page headline last Thursday in the Wall Street Journal. The article discussed what we have been addressing for several months now. The article highlighted a growing problem in housing […]

Wall Street Journal says: BUY NOW!!

Here are the major points of a post on Market Watch (part of the Wall Street Journal digital network) Tips for buyers Interested in buying a home and claiming the home-buyer tax credit? Below are five tips: 1. Don’t procrastinate Get searching now. Getting an early start will give you a better chance of finding […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/20/09 survey results: Just more than 12% of potential home buyers surveyed plan to purchase a home as an investment property compared with less than 6% who said the same seven months ago. Of those interested in buying a foreclosure, 42% were investors. About 13% of those investors would turn their foreclosures into rentals, 11% […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/18/09

This blog is dedicated to getting important information into real estate professionals’ hands in a timely matter. However, today, I want to take a step back and reflect on our mission. We are responsible for rejuvenating a housing industry that has been decimated by a litany of bad decisions over the last few years. The […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/17/09

**UPDATE** The slideshow for Steve’s NAR presentation can be found by clicking this link: -The KCM Crew [Now back to your regularly scheduled post…] More observations from the NAR Conference: Quotes: “You are creating your digital legacy.” Eric Bryn speaking about creating your online brand. “The true measure of success in the speaking industry […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/16/09

**UPDATE** The slideshow for Steve’s NAR presentation can be found by clicking this link: -The KCM Crew [Now back to your regularly scheduled post…] The NAR conference was packed with some great opportunities. Between classes I attended, classes where I was the speaker and business breakfasts, lunches and dinners, I was running ALL DAY!! […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/13/09

**UPDATE** The slideshow for Steve’s NAR presentation can be found by clicking this link: -The KCM Crew [Now back to your regularly scheduled post…] Well, I’m in San Diego at the NAR Conference and EXPO. Had the opportunity to sit and talk with some power players who were willing to discuss some controversial issues […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/12/09

**UPDATE** The slideshow for Steve’s NAR presentation can be found by clicking this link: -The KCM Crew [Now back to your regularly scheduled post…] For today, I am reposting the 3 most popular posts of the last 30 days. ‘7 Step Action Plan’ for tax credit extension and expansion over 2,000 agents used this […]

November KCM is online!!

All Keeping Current Members: the November Issue is online with great presentation materials (info, graphs and quotes). We cover how to maximize the Tax Credit Extension and Expansion along with giving you great info on why and how the Short Sale process is rapidly changing – for the better. Login in and access it today! […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/11/09

Supply and Demand What will happen in the real estate market over the next six months? I believe the quote below does a great job of explaining it. From the Zillow News Release Issued: November 9, 2009: “The next several months will be critical to the housing market. Previously, we’d been expecting to see increasing […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/10/09

High End Foreclosures Starting to Mount From an article on SF GATE: In upscale communities such as Los Altos, Greenbrae and Alamo, where median prices top $1 million, about twice as many households received default notices from January to September as in the same period in 2008, according to recorders’ office data compiled by MDA […]


Today’s Talking Point 11/09/09

What is the definition of ‘Accumulation’ rate? ‘Accumulation’ rate talks to the point of future inventory coming to the market. An example of this is Zillow ‘s recent report suggesting an additional 7 million homeowners are ‘very likely’ to put their homes up for sale if they see the market getting better. Another example is […]

‘7 Step Action Plan’ for tax credit extension and expansion

Step #1 – Contact anyone who might have given up. Originally, there was a lot of speculation that there would be no extension granted. That caused some buyers to stop looking (especially in regions where closings take longer). We must immediately reconnect with this group. Step #2 – Contact anyone in the higher income levels […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/06/09

Why are we working so hard? “It is estimated that 10% of all the homeless in this country are the direct result of a foreclosure.” – The Wall Street Journal “While current national data are not available, the number of schoolchildren in homeless families appears to have risen by 75 percent to 100 percent in […]

Strategic Defaults

For the last few months, I have been discussing that more and more homeowners are actually ‘strategically’ defaulting on their mortgages. By that I mean that some homeowners that have the financilal capability to pay mortgage have just decided not to. Northwestern University teamed up with the University of Chicago to study this situation. They […]

The 5 Most Popular Posts of October

Below, are the five most viewed blog posts last month. Hope they help. When will prices again approach the 2005-2006 peak? 10 Steps to Being A Great Agent ‘7 Step Action Plan’ for tax credit Why ‘Short Sales’ are about to become so much easier How to Grade Your Listing The KCM CrewWe believe every […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/04/09

Pricing Though sales are strong and it seems as though the tax credit will be extended AND expanded, we must realize that pricing is still crucial. Two points on the subject: From The Wall Street Journal: By slowing mortgage foreclosures and giving a first-time home buyer tax credit, the U.S. government has driven up home […]