The American Dream


Have We Forgotten Something?

Over the past few weeks and months, the media,  so-called experts and most of our friends and relatives seemed to have almost soured on buying a home at this time. With fear of a fragile economy and high unemployment rates, who can argue with caution? When the pervasive sentiment among even real estate and mortgage professionals […]


Housing Market Casting a Smaller Shadow

The inventory of future short sales and foreclosures which will be coming to the market is known as ‘shadow inventory’. Future real estate pricing will be determined by the number of these distressed properties which eventually reach the market. These properties sell at major discounts: short sales at a 10% discount foreclosures at a 35% […]

Are You About to Expire?

A listing contract on a house for sale has a termination date. If the house reaches this date without being sold, it is called an ‘expired’ listing meaning it is no longer for sale under the previous contract. The end of June historically is a time when many listing contracts come to termination. There will […]

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House Prices Through 2015

Everyone seems to have an opinion on where home prices are headed. Housing bulls are saying prices may start rebounding as early as later this year. Some housing bears are saying that prices may still drop another 10-15%. What actually is going to happen? No one knows for sure. However, Macro Markets, a financial technology […]

Simple, Yet Deep

The KCM Crew, Dean Hartman and I attempt to write a quality post each and every day on this blog. However, perhaps the greatest insight ever delivered on this blog was in a comment posted yesterday by Nathan Hosier: “We can remain afraid to buy and let all of the great deals out there pass […]


An Idea to Get Your Home Sold Faster

Let me start by reminding you that I am NOT a real estate agent; however, I do think my parents raised me to have some common sense.  So, here it goes….I think you should RAISE THE COMMISSION YOU WILL PAY AN AGENT WHO BRINGS YOU THE EVENTUAL BUYER OF YOUR HOME.  Is it contrarian?  Maybe. […]


A Window of Opportunity for House Sellers

There has been much confusion as to where housing prices are headed. We have actually blogged on the issue recently. Today, we want to give our opinion on this subject for the short term. We believe sellers have a window of opportunity for the next 90-120 days in which to sell their homes for maximum […]


Consumer Confidence: Which Way Is It Headed?

There is no doubt that the housing market and the economy are intertwined. The economy will get better as housing improves. Housing will regain strength as the economy improves. How is the economy actually doing? One measure is the Misery Index which combines the inflation and unemployment numbers.  According to their site: The misery index was […]

Will Falling Values Lead to More Strategic Defaults?

As prices continue to soften, more and more homeowners will fall into a position of negative equity on their homes. This means that the balance on their mortgage is greater than the value of their home. The reason this is important is that people are more prone to strategically default on their mortgage when ‘underwater’. […]


Is The Economy Worse Than We Think?

We are presented with conflicting data almost daily about the “health” of the economy. And I am no economist, but I believe that I do possess some common sense. So, here’s what I have been thinking. It is obvious that millions of people are NOT paying their mortgage, rightly or wrongly, for their own reasons: […]


House Prices Will Continue to Tumble

We have written several blogs recently quoting numerous sources saying now is the time to buy a home. We agree that now is definitely the time to buy. This is NOT because we are calling the bottom for real estate PRICES. What we have said is that the COST of purchasing a home is probably […]


Why They Are Saying to Buy A Home Now

Despite what appears to be a non-stop wave of tough news regarding real estate, four major media players have come out this month with the same advice: It Is Time to Buy a Home! Here are the four articles and a breakdown as to why the advice makes sense. The Wall Street Journal: Why It’s […]

QRM: The Potential Cost to a Purchaser

The Quality Residential Mortgage (QRM), a proposal by the government to tighten lending standards, has initiated quite a debate. The government feels strongly that standards must be raised while others have debated that the new guidelines are an example of the pendulum swinging back much too far. For the government’s position on QRM, click here. […]

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Home Prices: Even More Confusion

We attempt to keep you abreast of the housing market. When will demand for housing return to historic averages? What impact will foreclosures continue to have? Where are interest rates headed? There are no simple answers to any of these questions. However, the most difficult question to answer seems to be: Where are home prices […]

Does Your Lender WANT To Say “Yes!”?

As people go through the mortgage process today, I believe that they wonder if their lender has gone insane. Lenders ask for documentation repeatedly, constantly updating, asking for further clarification and explanation for everything. Income, credit, assets and appraisals are scrutinized at a level unseen in my 25+ years. It almost seems like they are […]


What About the Cost of Delaying Your Dreams?

Whether a family is thinking of buying or selling a home, price seems to have become all important. I’m not sure why that has occurred. I realize, whenever anyone sells or buys anything, making sure you get a ‘good deal’ is a crucial part of the transaction. However, in real estate today, it now seems […]


Financial News Icons Say Now Is the Time to BUY!

We received some tough news on housing last week. Prices are still softening. There was a lot of negativity surrounding these reports. The news caused more consumers to be concerned. However, the real question is what this means to you and your family. This could actually be great news if you are buying (either as […]

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Are Home Prices Headed Up or Down?

Here are two headlines that appeared in print last week: LA Times: Case-Shiller Home Price Index Hits New Low Forex: CoreLogic: Home Price Index Increased 0.7% In the Los Angeles Times story, David Blitzer, chairman of the S&P index committee, was quoted as saying: “This month’s report is marked by the confirmation of a double-dip […]

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What Impact Will QRM Have on Housing Demand?

The federal government would like to dramatically decrease their role in the financing of residential real estate. To that goal, they have proposed the guidelines for a ‘Qualified Residential Mortgage’ (QRM). How would these proposed guidelines impact the demand for housing? Here is what three different entities are reporting: CoreLogic “Roughly 39% of homebuyers in […]

The Evolving Role of Video in Real Estate

I have heard it said that by 2013, 90% of new content posted to the web will be in the form of video…90%!!! What that says to me is that video is what our clients, customers, and prospects want. They want it to educate themselves without reading. They want it to be stimulated more by […]


Should You Rent or Buy in this Market?

Families are trying to determine whether or not now is the time to buy a home. Some are advising these families to sit out the current real estate market and instead rent for the next year or two. We do not agree with this advice. Homeownership means a lot to a family. We also realize […]