The 10-10-20 Concept: The Ultimate Door-Knocking Strategy

The 10-10-20 concept is an effective way to turn one listing into many. It is also a great way to establish your market and demonstrate the results you get in a given geographic area.

This article will help you to familiarize yourself with this concept and start using it today!

Watch the 10-10-20 in Action

Get Out There and Meet The Neighbors

Take your newest listing and try the first steps of this approach out.

Think of it as a way to “door knock” and remove the ice breaker conversation. You have a reason you are there and you are providing value.

We recommend scheduling time with yourself to accomplish this to be sure you are not distracted.

1. Print Out Copies of Your Buyer Guide

Bring copies of your Buyer Guide in case the neighbors or someone they know might be interested.

2. Gather the Listing Information

Just like the Buyer Guide, bring the listing information and photos for anyone interested.

3. Grab Your Business Cards

We hope you always have these on hand, but grab some for this for sure.

4. Make Your Rounds

Schedule time to walk the block and introduce yourself to the neighbors.

5. Take Notes

Between houses, jot down names, family notes or any information you can use in following up.

Not Sure What to Say?

Check out the sample script to use with the neighbors to get you started.

Hey, my name is [Your Name],

I’m your local Realtor and I just took one of your neighbor’s homes as a listing…they’re selling it.

This is a beautiful neighborhood, I was wondering if you might know a friend or relative that often talked about moving into this neighborhood? Here’s their opportunity.

[Offer Buyers Guide, Business Card, and listing info]

If you know anyone, perhaps you can pass this along to them It has all the information they’d need to contact me.

Again my name is [Your name], what’s yours?

[Homeowner’s name] did you have any questions about the house? [Answer Questions]

Alright [Homeowner], Thank you!

This Concept is Powerful

10-10-20 lets potential clients know:

  1. You are in Real Estate – They’ve now definitely heard of you.
  2. You work hard to get your Listings Sold

Take the next few days to begin applying the first steps of the 10-10-20 concept.

As you continue to apply the concept you’ll see the compounding effects of the strategy!

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