When Did Americans Start Playing It Safe?

There seems to be a paralysis in America right now. Companies are afraid to hire even though they are sitting on hordes of cash. Politicians are afraid to show leadership on certain issues as it may cost them the next election. People are afraid to move forward with a purchase of a home because they […]



We are dedicated to bringing you the most current and important housing news each and every day. We don’t get involved with the ‘what ifs’ of politics.  The current debate in Washington has caused a paralysis in consumers, caused by uncertainty. People just can’t be sure what is coming next.  As always, we will work hard to bring clarity to the confusion. We will […]

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Why You Need a Good Negotiator in Today’s Market


Should You Be LOCKING Your Loans?

Should you lock in the interest rate on your mortgage? A couple of things to consider: 1. While I am confident that the Debt Ceiling Debate will be settled (whether it’s for six months or a year), my greater concern is the growing belief that the ratings agencies are looking at downgrading our government’s bonds from […]


Thank God I Didn’t Buy Gold at $400 an Ounce

We hope that headline grabbed you. The reason we used it was to bring some perspective to the debate as to whether or not homeownership is a wise investment in today’s troubled market. A family should never look at the purchase of a home simply as a financial investment. It is so much more than […]

A 14% Home Mortgage Rate?

We have written on the long term impact that the new mortgage guidelines known as ‘Qualified Residential Mortgage’ (QRM) will have on the cost of financing a home. However, it seems that these expenses are already beginning to creep into lending. The QRM guidelines are much more rigid than those used in the last year. Though […]


20% Down Payment: The Impact


Why Do People Actually Buy a Home?

It seems that every time we talk about real estate today the conversation immediately goes to the financial aspects of buying a home. Where are prices headed? Where are interest rates headed? Should I wait to try and get a ‘better buy’? Should I wait until I can get a ‘steal’? The odd thing about […]

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How People Feel About Real Estate

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The Only Thing “Lousy” Was the Advice!

We read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on Monday titled A Home Is a Lousy Investment. It was written by Mr. Bridges, a professor of clinical finance and business economics at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. The essence of the piece is that owning a home is not […]


Bringing the Sale Across the Finish Line

Today, we are honored to have Ken H. Johnson, Ph.D. — Florida International University (FIU) and Editor of the Journal of Housing Research as our guest blogger. To view other research from FIU, visit http://realestate.fiu.edu/. – The KCM Crew The negotiation of a sales agreement is a very difficult process. A well drafted sales agreement almost cinches a […]


Unemployment’s Impact on Housing

What impact does rising unemployment have on the real estate market? Actually, it is quite simple: Rising unemployment creates uncertainty. Uncertainty creates fear. Fear creates paralysis. Paralysis prevents people from moving forward with their lives. Don’t allow fear to stop you from getting on with your life. Realistically look at your personal situation and decide […]

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The Devil Is in the Details

Distressed Property InfoGraphic

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Let’s Get Chicken Little

You all know the story…young chicken, fearful of the worst, runs around declaring that “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. In today’s real estate market, there are many people (professionals and amateurs alike) with opinions that make buying real estate sound like throwing money away. One thing I have learned in life is […]

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5 Real Estate Headlines You’ll See in the Next Six Months

Making predictions can be the ‘kiss-of-death’ for a blog. Even if we get four out of five correct (80%), there are those in the industry who will kill us on the one we got wrong. We believe strongly that when making a real estate decision for you and your family you must look forward and […]

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Why Now Is the Time to Buy a Home


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Top 5 Real Estate Headlines in the 1st Half of 2011

We have reached the midway point of the year. Today, we want to look back over the first six months and give you what we believe were the five items that have had the biggest impact on the real estate industry so far this year. The Government Wants Out of the Mortgage Business From the […]

Have We Forgotten Something?

Over the past few weeks and months, the media,  so-called experts and most of our friends and relatives seemed to have almost soured on buying a home at this time. With fear of a fragile economy and high unemployment rates, who can argue with caution? When the pervasive sentiment among even real estate and mortgage professionals […]

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House Prices Through 2015

Everyone seems to have an opinion on where home prices are headed. Housing bulls are saying prices may start rebounding as early as later this year. Some housing bears are saying that prices may still drop another 10-15%. What actually is going to happen? No one knows for sure. However, Macro Markets, a financial technology […]

Simple, Yet Deep

The KCM Crew, Dean Hartman and I attempt to write a quality post each and every day on this blog. However, perhaps the greatest insight ever delivered on this blog was in a comment posted yesterday by Nathan Hosier: “We can remain afraid to buy and let all of the great deals out there pass […]


Consumer Confidence: Which Way Is It Headed?

There is no doubt that the housing market and the economy are intertwined. The economy will get better as housing improves. Housing will regain strength as the economy improves. How is the economy actually doing? One measure is the Misery Index which combines the inflation and unemployment numbers.  According to their site: The misery index was […]


Is The Economy Worse Than We Think?

We are presented with conflicting data almost daily about the “health” of the economy. And I am no economist, but I believe that I do possess some common sense. So, here’s what I have been thinking. It is obvious that millions of people are NOT paying their mortgage, rightly or wrongly, for their own reasons: […]


Why They Are Saying to Buy A Home Now

Despite what appears to be a non-stop wave of tough news regarding real estate, four major media players have come out this month with the same advice: It Is Time to Buy a Home! Here are the four articles and a breakdown as to why the advice makes sense. The Wall Street Journal: Why It’s […]

QRM: The Potential Cost to a Purchaser

The Quality Residential Mortgage (QRM), a proposal by the government to tighten lending standards, has initiated quite a debate. The government feels strongly that standards must be raised while others have debated that the new guidelines are an example of the pendulum swinging back much too far. For the government’s position on QRM, click here. […]

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Home Prices: Even More Confusion

We attempt to keep you abreast of the housing market. When will demand for housing return to historic averages? What impact will foreclosures continue to have? Where are interest rates headed? There are no simple answers to any of these questions. However, the most difficult question to answer seems to be: Where are home prices […]