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Happy Holidays to the KCM Community!

We would like to thank you all for your continued contribution to the KCM Community. From sharing our articles on Facebook and Twitter, to continually engaging our KCM authors with questions and comments, you have helped further our mission of helping people through this truly complex housing market. And for that we are deeply grateful. […]

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Strategic Defaults: Naughty or Nice?

You can’t pick up a paper or turn on a television today without hearing about the foreclosure situation in this country. There is no doubt the current economy and unemployment numbers have devastated the finances of many families and thus made it impossible for them to pay their mortgage. However, what many don’t realize is that […]


Should You Be Afraid of Shadows?

The two most important factors whenever you price anything is the demand for that item and the current supply of that item. It is well known as the supply and demand curve. Real estate is no different.  So, as we are about to head into 2010, let’s look at the potential demand for residential housing […]

Bigger Ads Don’t Make Dumber Buyers

Being ‘in and around’ the real estate business for most of my adult life, I am still confused about the importance both sellers and real estate agents give to advertising.  Decades ago, advertising a home was important to attract a buyer because there was no other way for an individual real estate office to announce to […]

Mortgage and Tax Credit News

Hello KCM Community! It is our pleasure to introduce to you veteran mortgage planner (and today’s guest blogger) Dean Hartman.  Yesterday we looked at interest rates and why buying now might be a good financial decision. Today, Dean will take us a few steps further and look at other reasons to move forward on the purchase […]

Interest Rates: Going Up or Down?

Yesterday, we talked about real estate as an investment. At the conclusion of that post, we talked about the difference between the ‘cost’ of the home compared to the ‘price’ of the home. We established that the cost of the home had two major components: the price and the expense of the financing. Unless you […]

Is Real Estate Still a Good Investment?

Last week, we posted on the challenges currently in the housing industry. But with challenges come opportunities. This week we want to concentrate on the possibilities available today in real estate. To begin with, we want to make sure we bring some reality to much of the talk out there. Is real estate truly a […]


Sell Now or Wait?

This past week, we have discussed how the current economy is wreaking havoc on our housing industry, how many homeowners can no longer make their mortgage payments and can’t qualify for a loan modification. We reported that millions of these homes will eventually become foreclosures or, in a best case scenario, a short sale. You […]


Foreclosures Force Values Down

In our last post, we discussed that, though the modification process has helped hundreds of thousands families keep their homes, there still will be millions of people who will still be faced with foreclosure. There is no avoiding this. And even though the administration is trying to get banks to be more flexible, the fact […]


As we have been reporting, the answer to the current housing crisis is to simplify the process of short sales. Well, finally, it is about to happen: ‘Short Sale’ process being simplified! I will be covering this indepth on this blog Thursday.

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Modifications: is it really the Magic Pill?

I want to begin by saying that modifications have saved hundreds of thousands of families from being forced from their homes. We should be thankful the process exists. If anyone is having trouble with their mortgage and thinks they may be eligible for a loan modification, call 888-995-HOPE or go to http://makinghomeaffordable.gov/. That being said, […]

Steve Harney NAR Presentation 2009

Dear KCM Community, Many of you have been calling for Steve Harney’s leadership presentation from the 2009 NAR Convention. Unfortunately, NAR holds the rights to all audio distribution from the conference; but luckily (and because he authors this blog) Steve has been gracious enough to share the visuals! So without any further ado, we bring […]

You Spoke… We Listened

Many of you asked us to make certain improvements to the blog… so we listened. As you navigate the site, you’ll see that there have been a number of changes, but here are the top three YOU called for.  (We hope we made you proud.)

How Sharp is Your Ax?

There were two lumberjacks that worked together up in the Pacific Northwest. One was the perfect stereotype of a lumberjack – big, burly and strong as an ox. The other was a rather small, almost frail man. Friday was their payday. This particular Friday, the larger man bet his paycheck against the smaller man’s paycheck […]

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone enjoys a safe and joyous holiday. My friend Mike Staver is a great speaker and business coach. He recently shared a point that I believe applies to this time of the year. “If you were sitting with 10 other people and everyone threw their problems on the table, there would be a good […]

Pricing – what actually is happening?

Today’s Talking Point 11/25/09 The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) just came out with their 3rd Quarter Pricing Report (which covers the previous four quarters). If you go to the bottom of the home page, they have an interactive map where you can see how prices have changed in your state over the last year. […]

Existing Sales Skyrocket 10.1% !!

Today’s Talking Point 11/24/2009 NAR released their Existing Sales Report yesterday. The key points: Sales Existing-home sales – including single-family, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops – surged 10.1 percent over last month’s numbers and is 23.5 percent above the level in October 2008. Inventory Total housing inventory at the end of October fell 3.7 percent to […]

Delinquencies Rise, Casting Cloud Over Recovery

Today’s Talking Point 11/23/09 Fear of Double Dip in Housing – Home Starts Tumble and Mortgage Delinquencies Rise, Casting Cloud Over Recovery That was the front page headline last Thursday in the Wall Street Journal. The article discussed what we have been addressing for several months now. The article highlighted a growing problem in housing […]

Wall Street Journal says: BUY NOW!!

Here are the major points of a post on Market Watch (part of the Wall Street Journal digital network) Tips for buyers Interested in buying a home and claiming the home-buyer tax credit? Below are five tips: 1. Don’t procrastinate Get searching now. Getting an early start will give you a better chance of finding […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/20/09

Move.com survey results: Just more than 12% of potential home buyers surveyed plan to purchase a home as an investment property compared with less than 6% who said the same seven months ago. Of those interested in buying a foreclosure, 42% were investors. About 13% of those investors would turn their foreclosures into rentals, 11% […]