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Today’s Talking Point 10/23/09

Where Are Prices Actually Headed? From Yahoo Finance: According to Fiserv, a financial information and analysis firm, home prices are predicted to drop in 342 out of 381 markets during the next year. Overall, the national median home price is predicted to drop 11.3% by June 30, 2010. Fiserv has a history of making bold […]

10 Steps to Being a Great Agent – #10

Once You Reach It, Teach It Well, I hope you have enjoyed the countdown of the 10 Steps to Being a Great Agent. The last step, Once You Reach, Teach It, is the pinnacle only the absolutely greatest of agents ever reach. Our industry is a competitive one which attracts very competitive people. We are […]

10 Steps to Being a Great Agent – #9

Knowing How to Communicate Points Simply and Effectively Seth Godin put it best: “That what you tell them, they will not believe. That what they tell themselves, they ALWAYS believe.” The sales process has changed forever. Top achievers realize that it is no longer how well you ‘sell’ your proposition. Instead, it now is about […]

10 Steps to Being a Great Agent – #8

Understanding What is Happening in the Industry and Why Imagine if your stockbroker felt his value was in only telling you the past or current prices of investments. That would be crazy as that information is available to us easily through the internet. The stockbroker’s real value is determined by their ability to guide us […]

Today’s Talking Point 10/21/09

I received many comments regarding yesterday’s post The 10 Must-Do’s in Real Estate in 2010 I wanted to share some of them with everyone. Kate Koplinka “Let’s sharpen our sales skills through training.” Kate has always been a proponent of continuous ‘sales’ training. We are in the business of selling real estate and must make […]

10 Steps to Being A Great Agent #1-5

Over my 25 years in the business, I have had the great opportunity to see many new agents develop into great agents. Here is the path most of them took: 1. Get Basic Real Estate Knowledge They were sponges trying to get as much education as they could as quickly as they could. 2. Know […]


How well are modifications working?

“The Treasury expects ‘millions of foreclosures’ even if the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) is a total success.” – Herbert Allison, US Treasury’s assistant secretary for financial stability We have to realize that, though the modification programs are helping many families, the number of foreclosures and ‘short sales’ will continue to mount. Here are the […]

How to Grade Your Listing

Why do so many listings NOT sell? I think it is time to grade our listings in several categories to determine if they are truly salable. Here are the categories and possible grading criteria: Access A – lockbox B – key C – unlimited access without a formal appointment D – unlimited access with a […]


High End Foreclosures

For several months now, I have been alerting agents to the fact that this economy is starting to attack even the high-end seller. As I watched delinquencies dramatically increase in the sector of prime mortgages (good FICO score, good job, good downpayment), I realized that foreclosures in this sector could not be far behind. Well, […]

When will prices again approach the 2005-2006 peak?

Many sellers want to know how long would they need to wait to again see the prices of 2005-2006. Moody’s and Fiserv have actually studied this point. Here are the years that different states will probably return to those prices: Before 2014 Maine Vermont Kentucky Pennsylvania South Carolina Alabama Alaska Iowa Montana South Dakota North […]