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Colin Powell’s 6 Steps to Being a Great Leader

I had the great pleasure to see Colin Powell live at the Jim Blanchard Leadership Forum in Georgia recently. Below are his six steps to being a great leader. I have chosen one of my favorite quotes to emphasize each point. 1. Have a Sense of Purpose “In times of adversity, leaders can energize people […]

Where are all these foreclosures we have been hearing about?

Foreclosures have decreased recently. Why? Ever since banks learned of the pending implementation of the administration’s Making Home Affordable modification program, they delayed the initiation of foreclosure proceedings hoping customers might have been eligible for a loan modification. Because of this, foreclosure sales in recent months have been as little as half of what they […]

Today’s Talking Point 9/29/09

Where are interest rates going? Anyone looking to buy, move-up or refinance, MUST do it before the spring. Let me explain why I feel this way. Banks are not currently in the business of lending money to home purchasers. Why? Because, with all the risk associated with mortgaging and with inflation looming why would anyone […]

Change creates victims or heroes. Which will you be?

From my friends at Majestic Consulting: When dealing with change, we can: Fear it. But then you prevent yourself from ever taking risk for fear of making a bad choice. “I shouldn’t buy a house, because the market could shift any day now.” “What if I change jobs and the company folds? I’d better stay […]

Tell people the truth and trust their intelligence

Motivation on Mondays “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be. ” – Albert Einstein Ladies and Gentlemen, We have an obligation to give the best counsel we can to our customers. We promised them we would always be honest with our advice – even during difficult times […]

Today’s Talking Point 9/28/09

Existing Home Sales Unexpectedly Drop The new NAR report came out showing existing home sales dropped 2.7% after several months of increases. As we have been saying for the last 60 days, the market is probably leveling off. However, it will not be a ‘V’ recovery, where the sales would bounce off the bottom, but […]

As my father always said…

“You can’t learn anything while you are talking since you already know everything you are saying.” – Richard Harney (Steve’s Dad) Great salespeople are great listeners. In order to prove to the customer that their needs are our primary concern, we must be willing to listen long enough to find out what their needs are. […]

Never lose faith!!

As I travel around the country sharing my message with agents and leaders in the Real Estate industry, the same feeling overcomes me and sometimes even brings me to tears. That is the feeling of PRIDE. As difficult as this market has been over the last two years, I keep meeting people who REFUSE to […]

Seven things to do in Social Media

as per Jeff Turner Here are some of my notes from Jeff’s session I found worthwhile at the Inman News Conference in San Francisco: Look outside the Real Estate industry to see how other industries use social media. Put Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on all print material. (See the top right of our page, for […]

5 Great Things for a Realtor to do in this market

1. Counsel sellers on pricing There is an increase in buying activity. That DOES NOT mean we will see an increase in pricing. Remember the ‘supply and demand’ curve. Supply is still too plentiful. Price your inventory to sell now. This is the best chance your sellers have to sell their house and get on […]

Are all price points selling?

There is much discussion about how the real estate market is in the middle of its turnaround based on sales increasing on a year-over-year basis. Though the fact that housing is again moving is fabulous news, let’s not lose sight of which homes are selling. Here is a closer look at different price ranges and […]