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Foreclosures in Process by State

Methodology as per CoreLogic: The foreclosure inventory represents the number and ratio of homes that have been placed into the process of foreclosure by the mortgage servicer. Mortgage servicers start the foreclosure process when the mortgage reaches a specific level of serious delinquency as dictated by the investor for the mortgage loan … The foreclosure inventory is measured only against homes that have an outstanding mortgage. Homes with no mortgage liens can never be in foreclosure and are therefore excluded from the analysis.

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Negative Equity: State By State [INFOGRAPHIC]

The above map shows the percentage of homes with a mortgage in each state that are in a ‘negative equity’ situation meaning that the value of the home is less than the mortgage amount. Approximately 30% of the homes in the country don’t have a mortgage on them.


Best Post of 2011: InfoGraphic

This week we are posting the best blogs of 2011 by category. We hope you enjoy them as much as you did when we first posted them. – The KCM Crew

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Houses Are On Sale Across the Country [INFOGRAPHIC]

The graphic depicts pricing of all homes from their ‘peak through current declines’ as per Case Shiller. This index looks at prices in 20 major metropolitan areas.

Each market peaked at different times. Therefore, the InfoGraphic doesn’t cover one segment of time. Here is a site where you can see when each market actually peaked:

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The Devil Is in the Details

Distressed Property InfoGraphic

CoreLogic information on Shadow Information:

LPS information on inventory/sales ratio:

RealtyTrac information on discounts on short sales and foreclosures: